Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Sectional Panel Tank

High quality FRP sectional water storage tank is either produced by sheet moulding compound (SMC) or Hand Lay-Up. Fibre-reinforced plastic is a fibre reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres of glass. It is an inexpensive, lightweight, extremely strong, robust material and can be easily formed using moulding processes. This is the reason that more and more traditional water tanks are being replaced by FRP tanks. The benefits of storing potable water in FRP tanks have now been recognized and widely used in the residential, commercial, industrial and the public works sectors in Malaysia.


  • Cooling Tower make-up Water Tank
  • HVAC Expansion Tank
  • Fire Fighting Water Storage Tank Industrial Water Storage Tank
  • Industrial Waste Water Tank

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Economy 
    Cost is something every business tries to save on. When we compare with similar offerings in the market for corrosion services, rubber lining etc. FRP is miles ahead cheaper. In most cases and solutions, FRP offers a better solution with flexibility, and at a lower cost. The cost is highly dependent on types of application, design consideration, product configuration, site environment, raw materials, availability and the list goes on.
  • Corrosion Resistance 
    The prime reason for businesses in adapting fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is because of their superior resistant for corrosion. In many scenarios, they are the only materials that possess such properties in withstanding extreme conditions. Also, FRP is relatively economic in devising an industrial system and solution. Corrosion resistance of FRP is a function of both the resin content and a specific resin used on the laminated surface. Resin content is directly proportional to corrosion resistant rating in general.
  • Weight Advantages 
    Another advantage of FRP is the low weight. That being said, FRP is still tremendously strong for industrial expectations. For comparison, FRP is 1/7 lighter than steel while being as strong. Light weight property is extremely important when it comes to cost consideration. All these are contributed from say logistics, installation, maintenance etc. FRP pipes and tanks can be mounted on existing structures due to the lightweight properties (scrubbers on mezzanines or rooftops), eliminating the need on a total overhaul.
  • High Strength
    Probably not as important for corrosion-resistant equipments, high strength is still something several industries are looking for in numerous applications, for example, missiles, pultrusions and more. On top of these high strength is still considerably important for general purposes like filament wound pipe and duct.
  • Flexibility
    FRP is well known for its flexibility and variation in different applications. It is best for many applications because you can do many things with FRP. You get to mold almost any shapes possible, on different configurations or even just a piece of equipment. For ducting and piping, you can mold different types of elbows, joints, tee inlets, flanges etc. Best of all these only requires minimal tooling cost. It is also possible to use FRP to line existing structures.
Pressed Steel Sectional Panel Tank

Pressed steel sectional tanks can satisfy most liquid storage applications due to their modular design and have been installed worldwide in water supply projects, the food and processing industries, hotels, railways, hospitals and the utilities sectors. Tanks can be provided for ground level installation or elevated on steel structures that are specifically designed and fabricated by Versell.


  • Water storage tank
  • Stormwater storage tank
  • Fire fighting water tank
  • Potable water tank
  • Filter tanks

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Easy Availability 
    Pressed steel tank is available in required sizes and capacity in ready stock. It saves the time of construction; avoid the problem of cement, labour and also seasonal hazards.
  • Quick and Easy to Install 
    Pressed Steel tank can easily be dismantled, re-erected to require sizes and capacity and can be easily transported within short time from one to another place. Fast and able to reduce project lead time from initialization to completion.
  • Increase or Decrease of Sizes 
    Increase and decrease of sizes and capacities are only possible in P.S. Tank.
  • Easy Transportation
    The maximum weight of each part/component of pressed steel tank is less than 88 kg. It can be easily handled and transported and always avoid the difficulties of transportation even to remote locations.
  • Erection
    Pressed steel tank can easily be erected even by unskilled labour at site without any trouble. Pressed steel tank is not required any welding or riveting at site.
  • Easy Repair and Maintenance
    If any part of pressed steel tank found defective or cracked it can easily be repaired or replaced within short time without any difficulties.
Poly Tank

Polyethylene (PE) Tank or also known as Poly Tanks produced with the latest rotational molding technology to meet a wide range of water and chemical storage requirements and applications. Poly Tank has earned the reputation of being the best quality and most reliable water tanks available today. These tanks are suitable for water storage purpose in residential to commercial properties. Available in various sizes and capacities to meet the requirements for various applications, multiple tank systems can be configured and installed to meet any storage capacity requirements. Range of poly tank includes cylindrical tank, square tank, rectangular tank and tapered tank (round & square).


  • Small Tanks
    • Domestic Household
    • Shophouses
    • Schools
    • Clinics
    • Government/Teacher’s Quarters
    • Aquaculture
    • Plantations
    • Construction sites
  • Medium Tanks
    • Commercial Complexes
    • Factories
    • Apartments/Condominiums
    • Resorts
    • Parks/Gardens
    • Farms
    • Mosques/Temples/Churches
  • Large Tanks
    • Public Water Supply
    • Schools
    • Hotels/Resorts
    • Factories/Processing Plants
    • Commercial Buildings/Shophouses
    • Government Buildings
    • Office Complexes
    • Apartments/Condominiums

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Strong, Seamless and Leakproof 
    One-piece seamless construction guarantees leak proof tanks that are strong and rugged.
  • Lightweight for Easy Handling 
    Lightweight and rugged properties facilitate easy and fast handling, transportation and installation.
  • Food/potable water compliant 
    Manufactured from virgin food grade Polyethylene resins from reputable manufacturers. Does not impart any toxicity, taste or odour. Confirmatory Lab Tests and Certificates for potable water.
  • Maintenance Free
    No painting or corrosion-protection coating required.
  • Chemical and UV resistant
    Polyethylene is resistant to most chemicals making Poly Tank ideal as storage for a wide range of chemicals.
HDPE Lining System

HDPE Lining is a very good method to protect concrete, steel and wood against chemical attack (i.e.: Acid and Alkali). The entire ranges of HDPE lining is manufactured using premium grade polyethylene resins and are available in different specifications that can further be customized as specified by the clients. 

HDPE Lining is made from polymeric materials to protect such as concrete and steel. The increasing demand of HDPE geomembranes liners is due to the oxidation of chlorine that is added in water to kill bacteria which eventually corrodes the surface of concrete and steel walls, reinforcement bars and degradation of equipment in tank. This will incur continuous repairs at great expense to the owner.


  • Pressed Steel Tank Lining (with Picture)
  • Reinforced Concrete Tank Lining (with Picture)
  • LIPP Steel Tank Lining (with Picture)
  • Aluminium Tank Lining (with Picture)

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Protective Barrier 
    HDPE Lining form a protective barrier for internal surface of steel tank, reinforced concrete (R.C) tank & sewage tank from cracks or failure cause by thermal movement to prevent seepage and leakage of stored liquid or water.
  • High Durability 
    HDPE lined tanks is a proven technology that ensures total sealing efficiency and durability with increased life expectancy of a tank.
  • Chemical Resistance 
    HDPE geomembranes are made of high quality, virgin polyethylene which demonstrates excellent chemical resistance i.e. oily wastes, acids, and hydrocarbons. It is resistant to a great number and combinations of chemical as well as prohibits rust and corrosion.
  • Safe
    The HDPE liner used is non-toxic and is certified safe by SIRIM and Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN). Versell certified liners are inspected to insure that all ingredients including the resins and additives such as UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, antioxidants, etc. are safe for contact with drinking water.