Supply, Deliver and Install Water tank

Versell are committed to supplying our customers with genuinely market-leading, high-quality products, and always strive to provide the most appropriate solutions to fulfil clients’ needs. All the products supplied are accredited and certified by Malaysia standards and International standards.

While domestically, our capable team of logistics is working closely with networks of forwarders to ensure the timely delivery any destination points across both West and East Malaysia.

Coupled with Versell’s years of experience in the installation of various water tanks for home residential buildings, commercial use and industrial water storage purpose in Malaysia, we are dedicated in providing broad installation team to complete any project on timely manner, every time.

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Water Tank Cleaning and Maintenance

Versell provides great water tank cleaning service for large water tank in order to have clean water for buildings. A clean water tank service will help you to avoid from reducing the quality of the tank wall or floor and purchasing a new tank in the future. Versell’s cleaning service uses high technology cleaning tools for effective and faster cleaning process for the whole large tank. Our water tank cleaning service provides cleaning, chlorination and disinfection on all types of water tank.

Versell offers a comprehensive site survey conducted by our in house experts absolutely free of charge. This inspection of your systems allows us to identify any maintenance work needed such as insulation, risk assessments, chlorination and cleaning. Furthermore we provide a detailed report on both your water tank and storage systems to ensure they are compliant with water standards, regulations and free of any health and safety risks.

Water Tank Repair and Refurbishment

Our repair services restore water tank from leakage, cracked, corrosion or damage from inside and outside of the tank. Leakage or damage commonly occurs when there are ground movements, temperature expansion and loading. However, our team can provide cost effective solution and fast way of stopping and sealing water leaks from the tank.

  • Tank Accessories Repair and Replacement
  • Replacement of tank internal bracket and angle stay, tank Valve, tank Sectional Panel
  • Tank Piping Repair and Replacement

As a tank specialist, we provide effective and proper water tank refurbishment services for existing water tanks. We apply the most appropriate and cost-effective water tank refurbishment plan with annual service contract and warranty period.

We provide upgrading work for your existing pressed steel tank instead of replace the whole tank at high cost. Upgrading of pressed steel tank work can be as below:

  • Dismantle of water tank panel
  • Internal or external painting of tank
  • Tank Interior / Exterior Coating
  • HDPE membrane lining for tank internal

Tank Inspection Service

Our water tank inspection services ensure that your water storage tanks are as clean and safe as possible, mitigating risks to your people, processes and equipment.

Engaging water tank inspection services is vital in industries where especially potable water storage tanks are relied upon for drinking, washing, food preparation and industrial applications. The consequences of contaminated potable water storage tanks or systems can be extremely serious. Illness can be caused by microbial, chemical and hydrocarbon-based contaminants, excessive debris or sediment. For human health, the worst-case scenario is the development of airborne Legionella bacteria.

In terms of operational continuity and cost, potable water storage tank contamination could also have major repercussions if an unplanned shutdown is required.

At Versell, our experienced technical teams deliver advice and recommendations on methodology, frequency and means of water tank inspection. Depending on whether manual or ROV tank inspection is used, complete draining, superchlorination, re-filling and remedial treatment may be required, which can take a tank out of service for days or even weeks.

Our water tank inspection services are designed to equip duty holders with maximum awareness as to the condition of your potable water storage tanks. This offers the best possible chance of detecting and remedying evidence of contamination, biofilm deposits, corrosion formation and the growth of Legionella.

Our water tank inspection services will offer you peace of mind that an industry leading technical team is working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your personnel and water systems.